First Eden Project

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The journey of the tree of life bore out of the 1st and 2nd expeditions in the discovery of Atlantis project, a project that was based upon the writings of Solon and the Urantia book, in quest of locating the submerged landmass of Atlantis/1st Eden. The writing journey of the tree of life came about between the expeditions in a personal search for any information that might be relevant to Atlantis and 1st Eden in the books of religion, outside the Urantia book, very quickly was found a wealth of information about the first garden of Eden including similarities to the Atlantis story with prophecy attached.

Since 2009, the Facebook journey of the tree of life has continued and evolved in a journey of calculation and identifying pattern, uncovering embedded pattern with recognition in the greatest mystery to unfold on the planet with a testimony of the thought throughout the whole journey leading to daily discovery with universe dialogue through pattern reflectivity of the GRB broadcast circuits, flashes from space with calculation and embedded pattern leading to the seven8. The mission of the journey of the tree of life is to create and lead a 3rd expedition off the coast of Latakia, Syria, with permission, to scan that whole area about the submerged isthmus to locate any remnants of the wall of the 12 gates of Eden as described in the Urantia book and evidence of the banks of the great river that ran through 1st Eden flowing to the west.

To help spread awareness of the quest to 1st Eden, the First Eden band has been formed to produce the thoughts of the journey of the tree of life in music to spread awareness and interest to launch a third expedition in a journey of faith for all mankind, in quest of the beginning, by the evidence, that will change the world being led by the book of life of the lamb, attached to the foundations of the world, 1st Eden, the city of the tree of life built by the Sons of God, If you want help and join this journey of faith leading to great things, making it happen, buy the music and read the book, the living book of the tree of life, the ark of the testimony of the beginning, in the revealing of the hidden made manifest with spiritual eyes and discernment upon faith.