Music on a Mission

Thank you for visiting Dain Paul Music,

My name is Dain Paul and I welcome you to our church family First Eden. Our mission is to enrich the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God that is unconditional.

Being Christian is to understand this love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship is most important to Christian values and establishes principles for life and how to love compassionately.

 Successful Christian living requires daily education and tools to help guide them along their personal journey with God. Part of the grace of God is to understand Evil and how destructive sin is for us.

Therefor being equipped with proper knowledge empowers Christians to live an abundant life in this fallen world. The word of God is; The Holy Bible, and provides us all with the answers to life that we have about our existence and what our future holds.

All of us are unique and have different strengths and weaknesses. This requires different styles of learning tools for individuals, which is what we work daily to provide.

Our mission provides educational musical resources that are designed to help others learn how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We primarily work in digital arts involving music and video productions.

This technology allows us to teach those who benefit from this style of education and allows different methods of creativity. Learning requires dedication and many different types discipline.

It can be hard and frustrating at times, however with the right support and environment it can be extremely rewarding and fun. Our music was created so you can work or play while enjoying the message of Christ.

Then when you are ready for sit down study, you are more equipped by audio retention. Using the Book of Matthew Volumes 1-4, you can learn to memorize gospel scripture and refrain messages easier.

Our goal is that you will develop a deeper relationship with God by knowing him in a deeper way with help from our resources. We have many more projects coming up this year and need your help by participation.

If you or a loved one feel encouraged by our work, share with loved ones to further the message. We are very thankful for all support and utilize every resource to further our mission.

Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to explore our music on a mission, we hope your day is blessed.

              -Dain Paul