Dain Paul’s Artist Biography

My name is Dain Paul,

Welcome and thank you for being a part of the DPM mission. We value your continued support and encourage you to share our message with others. Our music line formed when I was in high school. A friend of mine taught me to beatbox two rhythms.

I then took the skill and worked it until I had a few solid beatboxes. In the hallways at school, I would perform for my friends who rapped. This is how I started my music career. After high school, I moved to Australia for a half a year to live with my family.

Here I traveled the country while performing attractions daily. Originally, I planned to live there and help build my uncles company for a few years while completing university there. However, I ended up getting selected as the main dater on an MTV dating show “NEXT” that I auditioned for before I moved away.

I felt it was an awesome opportunity, so I left Australia and traveled to Los Angeles to live with my brother. In Los Angeles, I went on the show and learned about television production. At this point in my life my goals were thrown even more upside down when I was offered a full ride scholarship in Oregon for baseball.

My mom who was always my biggest supporter encouraged the path of higher education. Given the scholarship opportunity and family blessings. I chose to move to Bend Oregon to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

While in College, I met my former wife and together we started an amazing young family. Playing baseball allowed us to travel and see the Pacific North West and greatly increased my networking skills due to minor league scouting.

To help raise our children, I took hard laborious contracting jobs because they paid the most for my education and skill level at the time. These jobs started to form my character by pure brute discipline and learning to rely on myself during dangerous situations.

My music creation skills greatly increased when I transferred to Oregon State University where I worked as a Disc Jockey for KBVR. Here I held a one-hour radio program called the “Unpredictables”. The program consisted of instrumental beats that were mixed for study purposes.

The playlists made each week contained no lyrics and usually were made of electro house, hip-hop, techno, and trap genres. At this time in my life I set up my own record label called AudioBox Record Productions. This studio was home-based, and I was able to record and produce the public in between college classes.

On the weekends I would DJ at local clubs and performed beatboxing during the sets. This was how I paid my bills while in college. If my music line did not pay all the bills, I would resort to home building and landscaping jobs.

Anything to survive and to provide the most possible for my children. My record label also allowed me to practice business administration skills I was learning.

After college, I went from website development, church productions, concerts to teaching music after helping the Salvation Army build an after-school program for children. With Salvation Army, I volunteered as a music teacher and continue to fundraise yearly to enhance the program directly.

With my family growing older and the need for resources, I chose to build the record label in a non-traditional way. By growing a home-building and landscaping company. This allowed me to utilize my general contracting building and business administration skills all in one.

The goal of our contracting company is to provide a one stop safe contracting service that helps perform and coordinate home contracting services. We strive to create the best designs and work towards building one-of-a-kind custom projects.

We started providing Landscape Maintenance services until I became dual-licensed for Home building and Landscaping in Oregon. We are known as: American Trade Secrets and offer complete home building and landscaping development for our community as part of those licenses.

Throughout our career we have experienced many successes and develop our failures to enhance our operation through education. Because of the complexity of our builds we decided to start filming our projects and creating custom education videos for the State of Oregon.

Together we created a training video documentary series. This program teaches the student what entrepreneurship is with a skilled trade. Our phonics allow the student to become a licensed contractor in Oregon and become self-employed with pure American hustle.

Developing this documentary series led to the rebuilding of the record label AudioBox Record Productions that was created in 2012. Today we are pleased to share our story on the creation and development of Dain Paul Music Christian Record Label.

Dain Paul Music provides life skills education by teaching the Holy Bible word for word through multi-genre music. Our music has a mission with purpose and enhances your learning experience with dramatic effect. We work with artist from all over to capture talent to share with our network of supports.

We are currently developing our church First Eden with the proceeds from our educational resources for community development. If you would like to know more about our story, please pick up a copy of our book: Pure American Hustle and follow our music at dainpaulmusic.com

Thank you for hearing a bit about my past and I hope you gain every bit of success this life has to offer you, God Bless and thank you for being apart of the DPM fam.


                                 Dain Paul